World War I – Behind Enemy Lines.- The Drummond Sisters- 15.

The Drummond sisters were born and raised on the Clarence River in Australia.

Early in the 20th Century they lived in Berlin, Germany, and worked for the opera company there, for many years.

When war broke out in 1914, they were ‘trapped’ for some time – Behind Enemy Lines. This is their story, in their own words.

No Good News for Us

‘Lute’ continues the sisters’ story of their plight of being – Behind Enemy Lines

Wednesday, August 26.

So, today week, the Germans expect to be in Paris- September 2nd, the anniversary of Sedan. Poor Belgium has already almost ceased to exist. No French is allowed in the conquered parts- the newspapers are printed in German, General von der Goltz, of Turkish fame, and our pet aversion, has been made Governor, and altogether the outlook is most hopeless.

What must Belgium think of France and England and their rosy promises? They can’t yet believe that the Germans possess their beautiful country- What will they do? I won’t have the heart to write any more, if we don’t get some scrap of comfort. The English infantry was also among the French army that fled before the Duke of Wurtemburg’s sword, to the account runs. Wild rumors went around the town last night, that not only General French, but Lord Kitchener was also a prisoner. Even the paper was humorous, and remarked we must first have the War Office in Downing Street, before we can get Kitchener.

The Austrians had a great victory today over the Russians, and altogether Germany’s enemies are faring very badly indeed. We are always holding councils of war in our bedroom. Miss Waller came again last night to talk over the situation. She thinks England must be planning something big. We hope so.

Jean went yesterday afternoon for her lesson, but Schoen Rene held forth for two and a half hours on the war, till our unfortunate sister got pains in her head with suppressed wrath. What she has to listen to against England is maddening. Germany is going to make them all pay- millions and millions she will demand. The whole map of Europe is to be altered, and in fact, the geography and history of the whole world is to be built up on a new basis.

Of course, there was no time for singing lesson, although Jean sat there from 4 pm till 6 30pm. The amusing thing about these ardent patriots is that they naturalize themselves as citizens of another country, and rather wear the Stars and Stripes of America than their own Schwartz, Weiss, rot (Black, white, red). In fact, human nature is altogether a mass of contradictions and I retire baffled from the field. We’re wondering how Mr von Kellar is faring in the Crimea. He was a guest there of a Russian family. He should have collected a nice handful of experience during these stormy weeks.

On the 21st August a total eclipse of the sun was to eventuate , and in order to study this phenomenon under the best conditions, a party of German scientists at the invitation of the Russian Government in July were settled in the Crimea. There these worthy men were sitting with their telescopes peering into the heavens for danger signals, when war broke out. Eight of the number really enjoyed a partial eclipse, for they were landed into prison, while the rest managed to scrambled back just in time to see the event from the heights of a German Observatory.

There was another party of naturalists, who were last heard of in the Canary Isles. They went out to study the monkey and his habits- and are still missing-(not links). Isn’t it laughable, how almost every individual was cut short in the midst of a career, a scientific discovery, a plan, a declaration of love, even a good or a bad deed?From the 1st of August Europe cried “Halt” and the wheels of ordinary life ceased to move – exactly as the sun obeyed Joshua’s command.

If we shall be able to resume where we left off after the victory has been won, is doubtful.

To be continued


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