World War I – Behind Enemy Lines.- The Drummond Sisters- 24.


The Drummond sisters were born and raised on the Clarence River in Australia.

Early in the 20th Century they lived in Berlin, Germany, and worked for the opera company there, for many years.

When war broke out in 1914, they were ‘trapped’ for some time – Behind Enemy Lines. This is their story, in their own words.

‘Lute’ continues the sisters’ story of their plight of being – Behind Enemy Lines

Marking Time

It is reported here today that the Irish-Americans and Germans in the United States are making a combined attack on Canada. The people believe it all as gospel. Can’t they reason that the Irish-Americans and half the Germans are citizens of the United States, and as such, must curb their warlike ardour, until the Republic declares war on England?

We can’t wait until we sit in the train. You know the feeling. Once this thing is to be done, then lrt it be done quickly. Every minute seems a day, since we know that we’re going. I wonder what it will be like in England.

Krupp’s have made three new guns- 46 centimetres – and have presented them to the Kaiser for CALAIS. There! They expect to blow England up. “So now, England’s best weapon is to help to defeat the enemy on the Continent. I think the French and English troops must be fighting wonderfully. We read no more abuse no more sarcasm, no more accounts of running away and cowardice, in fact, as I say, since the 28th August we’veheard practically nothing. It’s funny to think that this is our last Sunday in Berlin. We go joyfully, glad to be pushed out. I can’t truthfully say that Jean and I have one regret. We lived in, but never loved, Berlin, though we’ve had good friends, much comfort, an abundance of art, and learnt how to appreciate music and life in general. But we were never Germanised. Many foreigners become more or less so, but it’s strange, we never did in the slightest degree. We became, with every year, more attached to our own country, and assimilated less of the Teutonic spirit as the days went by. I’m sure I don’t know if this is a good quality in us- anyhow, we were rabid patriots, and hope to be worthy some day of our Imperial birthright. I was only thinking how wonderfully far-sighted it was of England to have made that alliance with Japan. Think today, where Australia would have been, had Japan been a free agent. We would have been flying thje “Sun” instead of the Union Jack and the Southern Cross.

These battles in France must be horrible. We hear from returned soldiers, of fighting knee-deep in blood, of barricades made from dead bodies, feet high. Awful! Awful! When one pauses to think.

We are just dying to get away, to get among our own people, where we can share both defeats and victories with an open countenance and an honest heart.

The Germans could eat the English. One man has given 300 marks for the first soldier or sailor who throws a bomb in London, and today a lady has offered 200 marks for the same purpose. The Zepplin squadron is coming in a fortnight to begin the damage. So we’ll be in great excitement dodging the iron drops.

Since Lemberg, the Russians may have ceased to exist . Their doings are not even chronicled. Yet there must be millions of them somewhere.

You know there’s one thing about the German. He never uses his individual brain in national affairs, but believes implicitly every word the sorriest newspaper publishes. Such nonsense at times, which he, with his good academic education should scout. No, everything is swallowed without a grimace or demur. The German evidently thinks collectively or not at all, else he wouldn’t sit down so comfortably and talk about the billions from France, and the ease with which Russia and England can be conquered. Such a thing as Germany being conquered doesn’t occur to anyone. I wonder are they doing so marvellously as their papers report.

To be continued


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